Black Widow #3 Cover

What do you think about the game of thrones showrunners changing minor characters ethnicities for the sake of "progress" IDK I feel quite weirded out about the decision of making Areo Hotah a black man, it just feels flat somehow


Personally, I’m wondering what I ever could have posted that would lead you to believe I would be receptive to this repulsive argument. Whatever it is, I need to change it immediately. And you need to take yourself elsewhere, thanks — Lindaaaa is that-a-way.








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a spanish person laughing or a german person during sex???

you decide

Finnish person struggling to remember what they were about to say next

polish person trying to get themself noticed

portuguese person trying to hush other people

Chinese person trying to do calculations

swedish person wanting to get out of a conversation

Dutch person sarcastically agreeing with you.




Omg chill

this is some airbending shit right here

what just happened

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Joan Watson

HeroesCon 2014 sketch

I don’t watch Elementary, but I do j’adore Lucy Liu and after perusing pics of her as Joan Watson, this piece clicked into place.  Her style on that show is killer and I had fun adding a new outfit to the wardrobe.


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I love the faces he makes. Especially in the last one.

Argh, this scene! The Swedish subtitles are terrible for the last line here:

(Swedish translation) Loki: “Det måste finnas en gräns.”

(Translated back into English) Loki: “We’ll have to draw the line somewhere.”

It annoyed me in theaters and then it made it into the DVD subs as well. Urgh. Second only to this mistake.

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Flashback. There’s a slight change in colouring here… and, generally speaking, read the issue with an eye on the colour palettes. There’s a sort of rollercoaster of it, with a strong division between palettes which I really like. […] Jamie and Matt do lovely things here in terms of mood – the heat of the pinks, versus the white. Jamie throwing off another Lucifer outfit, to underline the idea that our characters don’t have costumes – they have styles. […] And Fire! Have a look at how Matt works colour over the issue – the tonal rise and fall throughout it is one of my favourite things in the book. Each scene really has its own sense of place and colour scheme, and the movement of one to another is key. The black to the fire is the most obvious – but the calming turquoise of the library to the black is also startling.

Kieron Gillen, talking about Matt Wilson’s colouring in the writer’s notes for The Wicked + The Divine 2. 

(You know, just in case people were thinking that no thought goes into colouring comics.)


And the alternate cover for THE WICKED + THE DIVINE revealed. Plus a couple of unlettered preview pages for 3. More details here. The relevant bits…

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #3 arrives in stores on 8/20, and will be available for $3.50. It can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code JUN140587. The variant cover B by Stephanie Hans is available to pre-order with Diamond Code JUN148168. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is 7/28.

In short - talk to your retailer if you’d like Stephanie’s cover, as they’ll be able to get one for you. There’s no order limits on it, so as long as they order one before the 28th, you’re sorted.