Seriously though, people. Seriously.

This isn’t an official photo. Jaimie is holding a coffee cup.

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I only recognize 2 songs here. I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. Now what I’m with isn’t it and what’s it seems weird and scary to me. It’ll happen to you…

I’m definitely not as with it as I was 5-10 years ago (I don’t have the time!), but naah, I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of new music. The person I exchange new music tips with most regularly is my dad who’s turning 57 this year. He’s still one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to music - old and new. Whenever I have thoughts that I’m getting too old for a certain song, I think about dad, and about John Peel, and then I just think that in another 30 years, I’m going to be kickass, just like them!


Natashas! with way less extreme hair swishing than I set out to draw oh well


holy shit, he’s like a hot Poe

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Don’t forget Jaime’s coffee cup!

Yeah, well, that’s what I mean. I’ve seen so many reblogs (like 20 times on my dash today, at least) of that pic/GIF, first with the rigs still there, then cropped out, and people think it’s an actual screenshot from the episode in which Jaime actually holds a coffee. And I just… Wat.

ASOIAF wishes


IF Dany gets the throne, I want a small council made up with:

Brienne as Lady Commander of the Queen’s Guard
Sansa as the Hand of the Queen
Margaery as Mistress of Coin
Asha as Mistress of Ships
Sarella as Grand Maester
Arya as Mistress of Whisperers
Shireen as Mistress of Laws

This has been my headcanon for some time now, including many of those names, in those positions.


Seriously though, people. Seriously.


"Asgardians were jumping on my laundry lines" now that a story Loki’s neighbours will be telling

I’m trying to decide whether to think of this scene as washbuckling or swash lines…

black widow (2014) #05

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Hello, world— I want to watch a Black Widow movie because I am a fan of Black Widow, because superhero spy stories are my jam, because I want to see Yelena and Alexi and all of that brought to life and breathing. It is not a generic yearning for a woman-shaped hero movie. I mention gender a lot because that seems to me the big obstacle; the Black Widow film they had in development before Iron Man and the rest was cancelled because of the failure of Ultraviolet and Elektra, cancelled because Natasha’s gender seemed like a box office risk. My desire for a Black Widow film is rooted and specific, it’s not going to be satisfied by anything but a Black Widow film.

No one suggests Ant-Man, instead, when people say they want a Hawkeye film, though both characters are big deal Avengers and Clint used Pym Particles that one time. We are allowed to assume Hawkeye means Hawkeye, and not some other dude. When the internet talks about Black Widow, though, it comes back like lightning: what about Ms. Marvel? Kevin Feige has suggested that the calls for a Black Widow movie are just calls for a female lead, and have nothing to do with Natasha. But when I say I want a Black Widow movie, I mean I want a Black Widow movie.

That doesn’t mean all I want is a Black Widow movie. I’d love to see Carol Danvers punch holes in the sky— but that would be a film about going up, flying further, far-off planets and distant stars. It wouldn’t be anything like a Black Widow movie. I’d love to see Wonder Woman bring love into the language of the superhero action film, I want to see Angela del Toro make hard choices about legacy and what Monica Rambeau’s spectrum of powers could look like with a big budget. But none of these are Black Widow movies, none of them are replacements. None of them should be. They have their own adjectives, their own themes and history. They’re characters, superheroes, not just shapes to fill a gap.